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"DIAMOND KITTY & CRAWL: Two CDS from Full Moon Music Club Mainstay, Electra, available through her website.  Electra is difficult to pigeonhole.  She spans many musical genres from county to disco, rock to opera, torch songs to techno, and all points in between.  Her voice is unique, with a wide range, and it is pushed and pulled to it's fullest extents at both ends of the spectrum.  It's impossible to describe this talent in less than a couple of pages, so I'll just recommend you check out the website."  Fritz Van Helsing  - Full Moon Vol 9,  No. 1, April 2004

Classically trained vocalist / songwriter with hard rock and dance roots, extraordinary vocal instrument and strong eclectic material seeks talented producer/collaborator (studio is a must-have) with broad musical background and tastes. Occasional Zappa-esque humour favoured.   Have songs will travel, i.e. the world.   Contact: Electra @

The Future: So much as the past.  the West; California, Nevada.. Utah.. Arizona.. the desert... the mountains.. the valleys.. the city lights.  But really, currently, I fancy seeing Venice before I die.

Video stills of Electra courtesy of Alavala, San Francisco, May 2005  - Crawl Photo of Electra courtesy of  Metro, July 2003

Intentions:  The alchemy of experience into expression.  My music comes from my realities; present, past and probable.  There are no concoctions.  No sitting down and head scratching  - constructing a fake emotion to sell to people.   Well.. actually... I have done that in the past with 'collaborators' and am capable of doing it, but prefer not to.  The immediate trip is personal journalism and sexual politics. (You haven't lived until you've picked up dollar bills with your teeth!).

Direction: To continue to perform my music live - The stage is the best place to 'rehearse' if you want to honestly discover what works and DEFINITELY the best place to explore and build the join between otherwise apparently divergent styles.  It's the place to create the seamless musical journey that I can enjoy being on.   

Photo by Ron Knight LA Sept 03

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  1. - Electra

  2. - Electra (Deep Six

  3. - Dead Easy

  4. - Diamond Kitty

  5. - Jimmy Miller (AnonAndon)

  6. - Jimmy Miller (All Gone Tomorrow)

  7. - Magick Music

  8. - Electra sometimes vocalises with ALTRES

Music clips on My Spaces: All DEEP SIX, DIAMOND KITTY and ELECTRA tracks by 2000-2005 Electra  - All DEAD EASY tracks ** by 1990/91/92 Electra/Ian Jones

Jimmy Miller webpages: all Songs and music  by James Miller

From Brian Hutton of ALTRES - April 2005: "The other night in London I had one of those rare things happen during a live gig, I found myself totally lost in a far too short performance. The artist was Electra,  an American woman currently living in the UK :)  with an amazing history. One worth visiting her website alone just to read!

Electra straddles an incredibly wide musical dialogue. My closest comparisons would be with Laurie Anderson for the intelligence, Stella Vander or Theresa Stratas in an Kurt Weill-ian operatic sense, Zappa for humour, Nina Simone for command, Grace Jones for the uber-cool street funk aspects and Grace Slick for all the glorious dirty sexy bits. As you can see I'm struggling, she was pretty unique.

Electra fired full stream of consciousness during a track called "That Boy", all the thoughts that go through your brain on first seeing someone you want to fuck, swaggering over a pretty minimalistic and stark backing infused with incredible harmonies. It seemed too short but I think it was around 10 minutes long. I was totally mesmerised, and as I was playing later on myself I hadn't even spliffed up yet! :eek

Watching her perform was a strange thing. It was a really a Cavern type venue, under solid stone arched dark walls, but I felt I was somewhere different, somewhere closer to the ocean, somewhere where the elements have fuller reign. Electra traverses the lightest purr of a sleeping cat and the wildest storm with ease.

I don't think I've ever heard anyone sing 'live' so naturally and precisely. The songs were fabulous. Check out her MP3 site for some clips, if Heatherspace is reading this go there now. :) I need to get copies of the disks but songs she played were Jonny Cash (which seems to be getting airplay!), Crawl, That Boy and one more I didn't catch the name of that was really pretty heavy.

Check out this tiny video clip of Crawl . See what I mean!


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""The launch of their double album "Tripping The Dark Fantastic" brought Scottish sonic savants ALTRES to play at Bannermans, on 24th May 2007. Electra's vocals/lyrics are free-form, 'stream-of-consciousness', of the moment and unrehearsed.. ALTRES are ALTRES.""


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