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 'rest in pieces': the story

DEAD EASY tracks � Electra & Ian Jones: On these sessions, Ian Jones played lead guitar, rhythm guitars and, finally, all bass parts - (after we went through about 3 promising ('live'), yet completely technically inadequate bass players!!!), The astonishingly gifted Pete Riley accompanied us on drums.  

IAN JONES Biography: In October 1980 Ian co-founded the hard rock band BLITZKRIEG, who secured a deal with Neat Records just two months later and released their debut double A-sided single 'Buried Alive / Blitzkrieg' in 1981. Another track called 'Inferno' was also included on a Neat compilation called 'Leadweight'. The band went on to receive welcome press coverage, as well as featuring in early issues of KERRANG!. They also released a live recording called 'Blitzed Alive' recorded in Newcastle. The song 'Blitzkrieg' reached No. 1 in the Melody Maker Heavy Metal chart along with another track called 'Armageddon', which got to No. 3. Then in 1884 METALLICA re-recorded the song 'Blitzkrieg' and included it as a B-side on their 'Creeping Death' 12-inch. The track actually became more popular than the A-side and was soon a worldwide hit. METALLICA re-released 'Blitzkrieg' as one of the tracks on their 'Garage Inc.' album in 1989. Sales to date have reached over 13 million.

At the point where decades meet, Ian Jones decided to put together another band. He met ELECTRA (a die-hard metal fan and professional session-singer) outside the keyboard shop on Denmark Street in London and DEAD EASY was born; A salubriously positive first demo review in METAL HAMMER got the band a manager, invites to tour in Europe and Japan and a deal.  Dead Easy recorded loadsa tracks in a primo expensive studio.. and made GREAT metallic ROCK n ROLL!!!.

But it wasn't going to be 'THAT EASY!" Life was full of surprises... and we met them all.

The track 'Dirty Fun' is from the band's last recording session with ex-SLAYER engineer Roy Rowland, recorded 18 months after the other album tracks were already in the can. It was what you call a 'commercial salvage' attempt. The other 6 reels of tracks had been thrown around and somewhat damaged. We salvaged what we could. Many tracks were never fully mastered due to 'budgetary constraints', but they exist to defy them!!!

I***NOTES ON THE PLAYERS!!  A HUGE THANK YOU TO MARK 'BUCK' BUCKLE for playing ALL of the keyboard parts on the tracks on this album.  Not just playing them, CREATING THEM!  Super talented dud and great great friend for life.  Thank you Mark.

Last notes: Ian Jones died in August 2009. Rest in Peace Ian. Much Love, Electra


DIRTY FUN on YouTube




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Dead Easy

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