The Dead Easy DAT Sock-Drawer Discovery!!

The attached DEAD EASY album: REST IN PIECES AGAIN!!!, the meisterwerk of guitarist IAN JONES and vocalist ELECTRA, lay lost to planet EARTH and all of her 12 billion ears for over a decade since the band's exit from a certain Recording Studio, in Middle-England, in the early part of the last decade.  This disastrous loss occurred after the collapse of the BIG DEAL which was going to Launch DEAD EASY as the BIGGEST THING EVER TO  RAWK THE WORLD!!!!!! 

A 6-month block booking at a then 'State-of-the-Art' 72-track studio in the glorious middle-earth of England, ended in a Chapter 11 style finale for the band; especially after they parted ways with Manager, Paul Loasby, (who was soon to be handling CATHEDRAL, CRADLE OF FILTH and later (and presently still) JOOLS HOLLAND!!!  (what a strange mix.. but financially crucial to Mr Loasby’s purchase of his mansion in North London)..

  which later attracted the charms of David Gilmour to the fold... and the full Pink Floyd back catalogue fell into Mr Loasby's small but warming lap.  Anyay....

As in any Arthurian Legend.. where the Lady of the Lake redeems the sword and passes it to the next in a blue-blooded line, the story had it’s own spooky twist.


The 6 months of recording had been saved on 6 ENORMOUS tape reels, several Slave tape reels and 5 tiny DATS.   ALL of the original tape-reels (they still used tape in those days!) having been chewed by Mr Bitch's Miniature Schnauzer -  "Muffy" - or simply disappeared from the shelves, the ONLY evidence of DEAD EASY’s musical existence was on those DATS!!!!  As the story went into it’s own dark twist… the DATs of the DEAD EASY recording sessions were rumoured to have been lost in a BIG HOT FIRE!... lit by an unrequited lover of the euphemious and superbly randy Mister Jones.


Yet, this rumour has proved to be GLORIOUSLY FALSE and in true spooky Death Metal fashion.. the DATS simply lay hidden in guitarist Ian Jones’ sock drawer for 13 years!!!!!! (yeah.. count’em).. to be discovered by an emergency services paramedic who was looking for clean footwear for Mister Jones before rushing him to hospital, during one of Ian’s many repeat coronary (not culinary) events!  [*Mister Jones always enjoys living life right up to the last minute!!!!}.  The paramedic (named Dani Bhoy) a true metal fan and follower of Mister Jones’ early career due to his passion for BLITZKRIEG,  METALLICA and Mister Jones’ DEAD EASY VOCALIST (the magnificent ELECTRA!!)....

... bundled the DATS into a blanket and secreted them home for a quick and private listen to what he simply knew would be GOOD! 


Upon listening to the 24 tracks on the DATS, only 12 of which had all parts fully recorded, he recognised the noble thunder of Pete Riley’s drums and the extraordinary vocalising of the legendary and mysterious ‘ELECTRA’.  Having always been a fan of the legendary and mysterious ELECTRA, our hero (Dani Bhoy) contacted the lady in question via her MGCK Music website (, told her of his find and offered to drive the DATS up to her secluded Loch Ness address,

with ambulance lights and sirens flashing and blaring all the way!!!


The legendary, ubiquitous, magnificent and mysterious ELECTRA

took full advantage of Dani Bhoy’s generous nature and upon receiving him in her home, making him comfortable and listening to the DATS - which she had not seen, heard or listened to for all those years - immediately phoned the ward where Mister Jones was still enjoying NHS off-site catering and care.  Her first words to Mister Jones in 13 years were: ‘Ian.. these tracks RAWK!!!!!!  They are awesome!!  We’ve got to let the people HEAR THIS!!”  and so, here it is!. astra...per ardua....










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