""While searching the Internet for images to complement a song I'd written for a friend - "Nancee (Queen of the Rodeo Circuit) - I came across a website devoted to Cowgirls in the old West and particularly to Kitty Canutt - the 'Diamond Girl'. Her story is the inspiration for the Rough Diamonds CD;  her spirit a revelation. Thus, all songs in this project come under the name Diamond Kitty.  

No 'Bling!' about it.

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4 Track EP - "Rough Diamonds" 

1) Nancee (Queen of the Rodeo Circuit)  

2) I Wd Run

3) Jonny Cash - [Radio 6 Int'l playlisting 'Jonny Cash' (also on Full Moon Vol I Compilation CD)

4) **Kitty Kitty - (also on Full Moon Vol I Compilation CD)

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"The portrait of 'Kitty Canutt - Champion of All' was taken after she won first place in the Cowgirl's Bucking  Contest at the 1916 Pendleton Round-Up in Oregon.  Kitty competed for three days in the bucking horse and relay events to the roar of 30,000 rodeo fans.  She earned prize money and two trophy saddles.  Kitty was knows as the 'Diamond Girl' because she had a diamond set in her front tooth, which, it is said, she'd remove occasionally to pawn when she needed entry money." A girl after my own heart.


All words & Music Electra C Smith

except **Kitty Kitty 1992 Electra & Ian Jones [knocked out  in like 3 minutes one fine wet Edinburgh evening].

Photo of Kitty Canutt courtesy of Pendleton Cowgirl Company, Sterling Press, 1994 

All Rights Reserved                                                                  

contact: diamondk@mgck.co.uk



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