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"I don't set out to create any particular type of song.  For example, I don't sit down and say, 'I think I'll do a happy or a sad song. or a pop song.' I could be walking down the street and then bang! there's a line and a song is formulated.  I get home, I pick up the acoustic guitar and fiddle about for 2 or 3 minutes.  A melody grips me with the line or it doesn't.  It's all quite simple.  I don't see it as a performance.  It's a strange kind of exorcism or release.  If a song feels like it's becoming hard work I just stop.  

All my songs are recorded simply without any fuss and some, for example, Taste of Hell, are completely spontaneous; being at a friend's place where there was some basic recording equipment. It was my turn to get up and do something.  That song was recorded live, acoustic guitar and voice, no overdubs, on the spot.  That's what I mean about the moment just taking you. 75% of that song was improvised; was made during that recording itself which captured the moment.

The songs on Borderland are very melancholic. I find it quite scary sometimes when I come out with these particularly intimate moments.  Nobody sets out to create a miserable song.  It somehow just takes you and you either go along with it or you don't bother.

Again, on reflection, when I look at the songs on Borderland, they all seem to be embroiled with us and our events in the natural world. I suppose the songs are about our significance and insignificance within the landscape and how we shape it and it shapes us.  I suppose the strangeness is; as far as we know, we are the only known intelligence.

But the question is, what is intelligence?  What's really important and what is really precious?  Like everyone, I marvel at our endeavors and despair at our depravity.

Yeah.  It seems sometimes all possibilities are possible.  Do we head into space and populate it or are we unconsciously engineering our own demise.  It's not about saving the planet, it's actually about saving our own selfish selves, because the Earth will continue with all her forms regardless of our significance or insignificance.  

It's our ability to progress, not just in the physical world but in the mental and the spiritual and somehow find some kind of balance, if there is such a thing, with our real place within the environment.

Holding things in the balance.""

Jimmy Miller


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