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WELCOME TO 2013 !!!  sunset 1 001_0001.jpg (12845 bytes) -  Wow... already.....

***Disclaimer - we make music, we like life, but we also take note of the craziness all around and sometimes write about it.  If you find yourself described in any of the fairy-tales on this page, just remember... all of your names and details are fictitious. Love and kiss kiss kiss, Delta Dawn

30 November 2013 - MGCK Music    I am always amazed....

....by myself.  I find things I said, wrote, thought of, or just discovered and saved..... that I simply don't remember finding, saying, writing, discovering.. etc.. this is one of those things.

BUSH's PROGRAMS from 2006

along the same lines, my life is RIDDLED with discoveries.. most of them I DO NOT WANT TO DISCOVER!!!

Here in Provincialna: Somehow.. I've fallen down a rabbit-hole of associations.  Sooty, dark, sordid associations.. no fault of my own.  I just attract them.  Now that I'm disentangling myself, I find their web is so wide and so deep.. boy.. it's hard.  Just plain 'hard'.  I need to reverse out.  Just back out of the mess.


26 October 2013 - MGCK Music  I would like to stop being someone else

and return to being me.  So many parts of 'me' have become truncated, changed... fit for purpose... but MY purpose has been shelved and sidelined.  The purpose I was born for.  There are lots of thoughts on this day.. many eye-openers.  I want to take the straight road home, not the murky path through the dark wood.  The murky path draws out all the trolls and creeps. All the intriguers and treble-faced personas.. nope.. I don't want them no more no more.  I don't want to buy their crap . com


22 August 2013 - MGCK Music  once again, saying Sayonara....

As I head off into another setting sun... this is all I have to say to the world at large:

Male Art Not War

24 July 2013 - MGCK Music 

Have you ever felt your 'mojo' was rotten? That something very 'wrong' had gotten a hold of your otherwise swimmingly good luck? A site dedicated to uncrossing jinxes, dealing with minxes and blowing away bad fairy dust thrown at you by unkind pixies.


12 July 2013 - MGCK Music 

QUESTIONS: Does the world have enough psycho + sex-therapists?? Do Social Networks create MORE digital VOYEURS??: I find some aspects of social networking quite creepy.  Here's one: A man sits at his computer with his hands on his di*k, sexting and sex-messaging women he's never met. It’s a bit like having a flasher in the bushes.. A voyeur peering in your window. You never know where it's coming from or why... and then 'BING!' you've got mail.  It’s creepy. And it seems to be rather PREVALENT.

28 June 2013 - MGCK Music 

Screenplay notes for - “10 Months down the Buddy-Hole“ - a screenplay treatment.

She:     Look dude, I’m not going to be your sex-text-buddy forever. You’d better go find yourself another sad and lonely woman. I can only be sad and lonely for so long.” The nature of modern relationships…in the digital age. Doesn’t anybody actually ‘touch’ any more???……….


One must grab their freedom from corporations, governments, institutions, friends, family....
all those who would define your 'boundaries' for you. (that's MY own quote by the way!!!)

19 May 2013 - A letter to a friend re:  THE STOKER - MGCK Music 

I went to the Filmhouse last night and saw a Russian film - The Stoker - the first scene of which would have delighted you.
The main character as we are introduced to him, is a little somewhat wizened Siberian Yakut who spends his day (his life) stoking furnaces, shovelling coal, beneath some industrial belching towers. He is alone in this rigid cold landscape of iron, coal, furnace eternally shrouded in deep snow. When he takes a break from shovelling (and he methodically spends much of his time easily shovelling) he steps over to his living area at the side of the furnaces. He has a small bed, which doubles as a chair, a small table upon which sits his one possession - a typewriter. He goes over to his typewriter between shovelling and writes his novel, with one measured finger poke after another. Hunting and pecking each letter.

As the film unfolds it become clear this small thoughtful man had been a major in the army during the Afghani conflict. Head of a corps of engineers, the guys who had to build the roads and bridges and take away the mines and other devices meant to stop their progress. His own story is that he is a war hero who got shell-shocked after an injury and now he shovels coal in a basement and types his beloved story, one painful finger-peck at a time.

Of course, he has ex-comrades from the army who are now mafiosi and arrive regularly, like clockwork to stuff bodies of their enemies into his furnaces. He blind-eyes their activities, after all they are comrades, and continues hunting and pecking the letters for his story.

We only hear about his story when his one mafiosi-ex-comrade comes over after stuffing dead people into the furnace, sits on the bed with him and asks 'what's happening in your story now??' And the man tells him the next chapter or episode.

As the film unfolds, the man's beautiful but greedy daughter is involved with these mafiosis and of course gets dispatched and burned in her own father's furnace. When he discovers the yellow shoe, one of a pair he had given her for her birthday lying on the ground beneath his furnace, we have 10 minutes of looking at his face and the workings of his mind as he accepts the horror of what has happened, then goes out on a killing spree and dispatches ALL of his once comrades, quickly and silently.

He then makes the long arduous walk and bus ride with the camera holding on his freezing thought torn face - back through the icy winter snow to his furnace room, pulls a large stuffing-falling-from-it chair before the open furnace and deftly and emotionlessly cuts his wrists as only an ex army man can. (At this point what I love about foreign film as opposed to american films, i.e. films from other cultures: the absence of a need to fill the space with words. So much is understood once a character has been fleshed out. All we have to do is see their face to know what their mind is saying)


Anyway.. as he is dying before the furnace, quietly and with dignity, a little girl comes in, who throughout the film has visited him to hear his war stories and ask about the story he was writing. She asks if she can take a photograph of him as he dies with her polaroid camera, then waits for him to become completely still and deftly removes the typed pages of his novel from the table top and the final sheet from the typewriter and goes skipping off home.

Next over a black screen we hear her child's voice telling us the story the Major had written and the film cuts to a sepia movie, shot in 19th century Siberia.

The story appears to be about his Yakut ancestors and their relationship to the Tzars convicts sentenced to labour camps in the far north. His tale, in particular, is of a Yakut couple who are forced to take in a convict, as in that frozen world, even white convicts(criminals) have pecking order over indigenous peoples. The story as he wrote it, with his own ancestors and maybe his own not so distant story in mind, was that the convict beats up his host and locks him into a root cellar, then chases and savagely rapes the man's wife. The last scene of the film is the convict stretching himself lazily like a big cat and stalking off into cold winter sunlight, the Yakut man frees himself from the root cellar and then savagely beats his wife for having brought all of this trouble on them.

Then the film cuts to black.

It left me so thought-provoked about the nature of people in hardship and the good nature of some, buried in their hardship and the cruelty of others who really have no nature at all.

Funny thing, throughout the film, I was hoping all the people, the mafiosis and the women with their shaved pussies who bent over regularly, compliantly, would somehow end up dead. In the end, the most unlikely hero actually went and cleaned the clock of all this human detritus, but, as with the fate of all 'heroes', at the cost of his own life.

The human myth goes on. Are we gods? Are we the misshapen misanthropes of our creator's? What are we that we are so complex, so cold, so deep, so shallow, so important and so quickly disappear?

You can tell the film flipped a switch in my head.

Bye again

23 February 2013 MGCK Music 

Blackballed in Provincialna...!!

As my friend, the wee-gnome said yesterday, "It's like a badge of honour!" and, for all intents and purposes, has worked very well for me.  Life as a housewife has it's drudgery, but so much free time.. time enough, to maybe, 'discover' oneself!!!  (If one only knew where to look!)

Not much else to say, the days drag on.. and who is to blame...? Not me.. not da man... not the world outside.   Asteroids and meteorites flash past without really making the mark.  The world is waiting waiting waiting for something 'real' to happen.  Me too.. I'm waiting... but ya know what?  My sixth sense tells me.. I won't have to wait long.

22 February 2013 MGCK Music 

I LOVE TONGUE!!! Now don't get too excited... it's just a place name.

  TONGUE   www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk

It's probably a historical accident that led to this significant settlement being called "Tongue" rather than "Kirkiboll", a name coming from the Old Norse for "Church Farm" and now applied to the uphill areas of the village....

21 February 2013 MGCK Music 

Feeling like "THE PRISONER".. wanting to shout.. "I AM NOT A NUMBER!!"

My goal is to find myself, one day, in a house up a mountain road, somewhere in Mexico, surrounded, (not by gunmen), but by fantastically coloured birds, sunsets of impossibly pink and purple hues, with an unobstructed view across the deep blue Pacific. Good story-tellers, free spirits and anybody with MONEY is/are welcome to join me. ***!***

14 January 2013 - Monday - MGCK Music 


Have You Ever Been Shamed By Your Job Title???

I turned on JM’s Mac to look for the lyrics to CSN&Y ‘Love the One You’re With’ and for some reason did the rounds of my inboxes and emails and went to 'Linked in' because I had an ‘email’ reminding me to ‘visit’ to 'meet all your new ‘connections’.. it was like a Zombie bomb had gone off. 22 people wanted to be my ‘friends’.. all of them with some odious job-titles and self-descriptions, like ‘Marketing Professional‘… (I would direct you to Bill Hick’s rant on “marketing people‘ at this juncture). I’m waiting to read one single person’s bio that says Planet-Lover, REVOLUTIONARY!!! Guevarista!! Neo-Bolshevik!!! Even a mangy old Leninist would do. Perhaps… a good-old fashioned deeply thoughtful pseudo-Marxist would be more than welcome aboard. Which reminds me, on Linked in, where it asks Political Persuasion, I must remember to put mine. Anyway.. The names and faces shall be changed to protect the innocents, but the job-titles shall remain to (hopefully) shame them.

I’m going to make a ‘new’ connection. ‘Pierce M-Orgone Energy: THINK-TANKER!!’ That will be my newest bud. Worked at: After the Apocalypse: 2000 - Present and ‘Linkedin Zombie Watch: 2011-2012 , Harald Hardrada School of Project Management

1 January 2013 - New Year's Day - Tuesday -  MGCK Music 

How about an autopsy on the last year?

"ну и так далее, сами знаете, что я тут распинаюсь. И не надо ничего запрещать. Надо, чтоб существовало пространство, куда можно уйти, оставив этот дурацкий, набитый подлостью и глупостью сундук пылиться в углу. Но такого пространства пока нет."  PRILEPIN

"You know what, I'm crucified. And do not deny anything. There must be a space where you can go away, leaving the stupid; full of their meanness and stupidity in a trunk in the corner collecting dust.  But such a space... not yet."

That’s really all Prilepin has to say about everything. It’s the most important phrase and covers 2012 perfectly.  Or you can just visit it and read all about it: 2012

The good news about 2013?  We entered it in Liverpool..  A city known for it's unbridled enthusiasm.. and the place where on New Year's Day I fell in love... with a horse and a beach... or 'My kingdom for a horse.. and a beach..' His name's 'Gadget', but we can change that.

GadgetBeach at Sefton


Re Bloggerhea: In times of Martial Law, opinion is the first thing that will be outlawed, so the most important thing to voice is your opinion.

you're looking for the LAST Year's stuff - go to: Unoffishal 2012 - Still smokin'!!!! 


  BE THERE...... or BE SOMEWHERE ELSE!  If you don't know how.. take lessons


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