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I Would Run.jpg (122398 bytes)  I Would Run: "over hills.. and I would travel.. I'd be moving still... from the sound.. of the wedding bell... but I was so.. in love.. with him...."  

Jonny Cash.jpg (59378 bytes) Jonny Cash: " I thought you were my soulmate but I guess I was wrong....  It was a case of mistaken identity...."

kitty kitty.jpg (54588 bytes) Kitty Kitty: "She go by with her tail in the air.  It's too much, how couldn't you care?  You're a man.. with all 'a your needs.. You wanna pump it 'til it bleeds, bleeds, bleeeds, bleeds, bleeds, bleeeeeeeeeds, BLEEEEEEEEDS!"

Married.jpg (100941 bytes)  Married:  "I want to be married.. want to wear your wedding ring.. want to be married.. never worry 'bout a thing.. want to be married.. want to hold you 'til I die.. want to be.. married, married.. married..."

  ThatWdMakaChange: "I said, 'I don't think I want you tonight' and he said, 'that would make a change, change, change.'  I said, 'and I don't long for your body' and he said, 'that would make a change change change...' 


All words and music 1992/2001/02/03 Electra

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