WHATEVER  - So... you wanna be a rock star?

1)    Greetings

2)    Meet the Manager

3)    Faking orgasms keeps 'em happy

4)    Bang Yer Dead

5)    Calling from the Pentagon

6)    Dirty Fun

7)    Disgruntled in Leicester

8)    Kitty Kitty

9)    Nancy, Queen of the Rodeo Circuit

10)  KY Jelly JIngle

11I Wd Run

12)  Jonny Cash

13Sounds good to me...

14)  Look Behind You

16)  Bye Bye


12.00  CD




""14 years in the salt-mines produces a gem!!!"" ROCK-HARD

""Hand-burned in our own furnaces, to the wails of mere mortals""

... a RENEGADE RAYDIO release. 





4-track EP

1) Crawl

2) That Boy (So Beautiful)

3) The Past

4) Save You - A Lullaby -






5.00 CD




The song CRAWL finalled in the UK Songwriting Contest.  Contests are fine, but life is real.

Alchemy of experience into expression.  Darkwave, ambient, adult, reflective, longing, dreaming, telling.  

Electra writes and sings about life as a grown-up in her inimitable style.  No one ever said it would be easy.


... an MGCK Music &  RENEGADE RAYDIO release.