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***Disclaimer - we make music, we like life, but we also take note of the craziness all around and sometimes write about it.  If you find yourself described in any of the fairy-tales on this page, just remember... all of your names and details are fictitious. Love and kiss kiss kiss, Delta Dawn

'To the blind all things are 'sudden'. Alec Leighton

31 December 2017 - Tomorrow is January…,. And here it is coming. My New Year’s Resolutions: To snap my fingers and make magick happen and to get to some other life in 2018.. some life where life is more real and more things actually happen. Where I have a big kitchen a big green garden with trees and a DOG. To Sing More.  Maybe to live in London again… although that is the dream of a lost Pharoah.

I wonder, in the way Wilhelm describes something…"The Scots are the lost tribe of Israel!" or "The Lost Egyptians.." if that is the case… have they not always hankered to ‘go home’? As a lost Pharoah from my own Egypt I feel a constant desire to go home.

Preserve the truth learned in desperate situations…”  - Will Lorimer -

Because it’s all too easy to forget and it will repeat itself.

1 January 2018 - New Year's Day -   MGCK Music  KEEP FREE SPEECH FREE

I spent the day writing notes to Will about a dinner party in 1988. -  And ‘NOT’ writing my book. But there’s still time.

The 1st day of the year was without any particular colour. I am, I guess, terrified at what’s coming… another ‘year’ ahead. Bringing me closer to changes I know not how to deal with.

An autopsy on the last year?

"ну и так далее, сами знаете, что я тут распинаюсь. И не надо ничего запрещать. Надо, чтоб существовало пространство, куда можно уйти, оставив этот дурацкий, набитый подлостью и глупостью сундук пылиться в углу. Но такого пространства пока нет."  PRILEPIN

"You know what, I'm crucified. And do not deny anything. There must be a space where you can go away, leaving the stupid; full of their meanness and stupidity in a trunk in the corner collecting dust.  But such a space... not yet."

Re Bloggerhea: In times of Martial Law, opinion is the first thing that will be outlawed, so the most important thing to voice is your opinion. KEEP FREE SPEECH FREE.

you're looking for the LAST Year's stuff - go to: Unoffishal 2017 - Still smokin'!!!! 


  BE THERE...... or BE SOMEWHERE ELSE!  If you don't know how.. take lessons


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